Winston "Yellowman" Foster

Big  respect Doc, it was an honor to receive PEOPLE PROFILE AWARDS “Lifetime  Achievement Award” for 2016. Presenting the 2017 Special Award to Papa  Michigan was a blessing too. Keep doing what you are doing doc for the  community, because ordinary folks need to be recognized. Bless up and  remember I will be there next year and every year!

Julie Mansfield

Working  to help give voice to those ravaged by sexual abuse is extremely  personally rewarding. Being recognized with the People Profile  Humanitarian of the Year Award (2017) was a profound honor, one that  further fuels my commitment to the healing of those affected, and to  keep striving to help save our children. 

Indeed, being recognized by my peers is an incredible validation, one  that serves as a reminder that silence is complicity, and when we  decide the break that silence, it can and will be met with support, love  and empathy. 

I’m so very grateful to be People Profile’s Humanitarian of the  Year—and yes, I keep my Award where I see it every single day, as it is a  reminder that slow, steady and determined action is often more  impactful than brute force or rage.

Dwight Marshalleck

I  Believe that People Profile is the academy awards of the southern  United States. As the recipient of the 2017 inspirational award I am  excited to share how my life has changed after receiving this  prestigious award.

Firstly, the People Profile award validates the work that I did in  writing this book,” A Season of Big Mountains”. An author takes a risk  in baring his soul when he writes. People might look the other way, and  the book could be lost to time. This award is a stamp of validation,  signifying that people moved by my story.

 Next, the Inspirational award gives me credibility. I am a first  -time author, and within six months of being published, I stood at the  podium to receive this impressive award. I have shared the stage with  legends like Oliver Samuels, Michigan (from Michigan and Smiley) and the  indomitable Yellowman, among others. I love walking with these legends.  Finally, this award expands my marketing sphere. I have been offered  speakerships to talk about my book.